Equip 2020 suspended

Dear Friends of Equip,

In view of the unfolding COVID-19 situation in our country we have decided to suspend Equip 2020. We have not made this decision lightly and want to provide some context for our decision.

We are aware that there are good reasons to continue with the 2020 conference as the work is of the utmost importance. Equip is all about connecting people to God’s Word for it is through God’s Word that we come to know Him, and it is through his Word that God makes Salvation available to people. The proclamation of God’s Word should not be hindered by concerns for our personal comfort, safety or well-being. In times of crisis Christians should (as always) live as people of hope and not fear.

At the same time, there is a tremendous responsibility and duty on us as a Christian fellowship to lookout for the well-being of the weak and vulnerable among us. Given the information available, we are aware that the virus disproportionally affects the elderly, and it is foreseeable that young adults coming to the conference will have contact with vulnerable groups afterwards. We want to obey our government’s instruction to suspend large meetings, and furthermore to honour the spirit of this law. Suspending Equip is a short-term emergency measure. In the long term, however, we as the church must find creative ways of meeting around God’s word.

We remain grateful to the various partners who have worked hard in preparing for Equip 2020:

  • Thank you to Andrew Sach who was willing to fly to South Africa notwithstanding the risks of air travel.
  • We are also thankful for Vyan and the Rocklands team who were prepared to host us and implement various decontamination measures.
  • Thanks to the elective speakers, workshop leaders, sound team, musicians, book table team and a variety of others who serve the conference in seen and unseen ways.
  • We are also thankful to all the attendees (who even continued to sign-up even after the President’s announcement). We so wish we could fellowship with you this year.
  • Not least, although we do not know God’s purposes in the current situation, we continue to recognize His sovereignty in it and that He is a Father who is good in all that He does.

Next steps:

  • Please create a place holder in your diary for Easter 2021. We are confident that by God’s grace we will continue next year.
  • We will contact those who have signed-up for Equip 2020 to confirm the suspension and to arrange refunds. (Please expect a delay of at least 7 working days as there are a significant amount of arrangements to be made.)
  • Please consider donating to Equip as we will suffer loss due to the suspension.
  • Remain faithful in prayer and petition: that God will continue to expand his Kingdom and be merciful to all affected by the current situation.

Yours in Christ,

JP, Sean and JD

Coronavirus update

Dear friends,

We’re reviewing our government’s latest regulations and will give feedback on the implications for Equip 2020 on or before: Wednesday 18 March

Equip 2020 registration now open

Sign up now for Equip 2020! This year Andrew Sach will be taking us through the Sermon on the Mount and helping us think about what it means to belong to Jesus’ kingdom and to be the “Unhideable City” he speaks of. If you register before 22 March you get the early-bird discount of only R1200 for 5 days!