3) Electives

The electives will further equip you to serve in a specific area of Christian service. You can sign up for 1 of the following:


How can I effectively disciple people in high school to love and live for the Lord Jesus Christ?

BrendaCHILDREN’S MINISTRY – Brenda Beckett

Teaching the Bible to Children: Why, Who and How?!

nick louw-finalEVANGELISM – Nick Louw

“Evangelism” is a scary word for most Christians, conjuring images of crazy people wearing placards on street corners. But the bible gives us a very different picture of what evangelism is, showing us how it should be a natural joyful response to share with others all that God does for us. This workshop will explore what evangelism really means, and how to make it an ordinary part of our everyday lives.

APOLOGETICS – Roland Elliot

How do I understand the worldviews of my non-believing friends and the broader culture so as to answer their objections to the Christian faith and present it as the ultimate truth, good, and beauty? In this elective we will look at answering some common objections, presenting positive arguments for the truth claims of Christianity and practically exploring how this will look in engagement with Muslims.

JDSEX & MARRIAGE – JP & Julia Harper

What’s God’s design for relationships? Should I get married? When and to who? How does sex fit into the picture?


How do I understand confusing world of gender identity from a biblical perspective?


What do the other major world religions believe? How do I engage them with the gospel?